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Texaco Lubricants

Advanced technology Texaco lubricants - a Chevron company brand - drive performance across Europe through a comprehensive range of engine oils for cars, heavy duty diesel engine oils for trucks, including Delo heavy-duty engine oil, along with antifreeze and a wide range of industrial lubricants. With over one hundred years' experience in Europe, today our automotive and industrial lubricant ranges under the under the Texaco®, Chevron®, Havoline®, Delo®, HDAX® and Techron® brands, include gear oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, gas engine oils, paper machine oils and turbine oils.


Truck and bus fleets

Our high performance commercial vehicle diesel engine oils, coolants, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases and hydraulic fluids with a range of ancillary products are marketed under the Texaco® and Delo® brands.

These premium products deliver optimum fuel economy with bumper-to-bumper protection and performance, reducing downtime and minimising operating costs.

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Industrial, powergen and off-highway equipment

Uptime is money and our range of industrial lubricants and heavy-duty off-road diesel engine oils, coolants, transmission fluids, gear oils and greases, are designed to deliver reliability.

These, along with our range of industrial products under the Texaco®, Delo® and HDAX® brands, including hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, and high performance power generation products including gas engine oil and turbine oils, offer both performance and peace of mind.

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Passenger Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

Texaco® and Havoline® branded engine oils, antifreeze, transmission fluids, gear oils and ancillary products for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles, with Techron® fuel system cleaners are designed to deliver performance every day of the year, no matter what the weather.

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Inland Marine

Marine Lubricants

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Fuel Savings Ahead
Texaco Delo fuel economy products

Fuel economy products that can help reduce your running costs. 

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