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Customer Testimonials and
Case Studies

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies
Clarity hydraulic oils

Field Test Results in a +6.5%*
Increase in Equipment Productivity

Chevron Lubricants Can Help You Run Better Longer.
Michael Smeltzer, excavator operator for over 20 years participated in a field test that compared Chevron Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW 46 with a traditional monograde hydraulic oil 46. With Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil, he could feel the responsiveness of the equipment that included faster movement and overall better performance.

*Actual productivity and fuel efficiency will vary depending on equipment type, load, and operating conditions.

Cement & Quarry Construction Mining

How Do Premium Hydraulic Oils Work?

Chevron Lubricants Can Help You Run Better Longer.
Dr. Nathan Knotts, Product Developer for Chevron Lubricants explains how Chevron's premium hydraulic fluids combine a premium quality base oil with an additive package that is balanced with anti-wear performance and oxidation stability, as well as high shear stable viscosity index (VI) improvers.

These elements combined create the desired performance level for the hydraulic fluid.

Cement & Quarry Construction Mining

Ursa Fuel Economy suite