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Our Knowledge | Texaco Lubricants

Our Knowledge | Texaco Lubricants

Texaco lubricants – a Chevron Corporation brand – deliver more than just high performance automotive and industrial protection.

Texaco branded Havoline engine oils, Delo products, and a comprehensive range of other automotive and industrial lubricants also deliver the technology you need for the peace of mind that your vehicle or fleet has the best protection, or your business is working at optimum productivity levels.

With over one hundred years of research, development and rigorous testing across Europe, motorists, fleet truck and bus owners and the industrial sector can be sure that the Texaco lubricants they use help their vehicles, fleets and businesses operate at peak potential.

Innovation Through Technology

Texaco advanced technology lubricants deliver industry leading oil products

Knowing Our Customers

The Texaco lubricants range includes truck, bus and off-road diesel engine oils and lubricant products
Truck, Bus and Off-Highway Fleets

Texaco Delo® lubricants keep heavy-duty diesel vehicles in motion, while Delo products optimise fuel efficiency, critical to business success. Delo with ISOSYN® technology protects heavy duty diesel engines, both on- and off-road helping maximise engine life and minimise costs.
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Texaco lubricants help keep industrial and powergen businesses running at optimum efficiency and performance
Industrial and Power Generation

Texaco helps businesses reduce total cost of operation in heavy duty equipment by delivering lubricant performance and protection that works as hard as the equipment it protects, over long days, extreme conditions and heavy loads.

To learn more about Texaco products for the industries we serve in industrial and power generation sectors, 
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Texaco Havoline brand car and van engine oils and products help deliver fuel efficiency, protection and performance
Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Texaco Havoline® engine oils with Deposit Shield® technology and Techron fuel system cleaners build on years of innovation and performance. So whether you drive for work, pleasure or both, Texaco products will deliver the protection you need against wear and harmful engine deposits.
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For information about Marine lubricants and coolants, visit the Chevron Marine Lubricants website
Marine Lubricants

Texaco lubricants, coolants and customised services can keep your operation running efficiently, profitably and reliably.
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The Texaco RBL lubricants support programme can help your operation run more efficiently with improved uptime

Texaco's RBL™ Programme can help your operation Run Better Longer by increasing equipment uptime and component service life.
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